Welcome to the Razer Nabu Developer Portal

Have a look around, or follow the steps below to get your app integrated with the Nabu SDK.


Here you can familiarize yourself with the guiding principles of designing applications for the Razer Nabu, examine interaction scenarios, and learn best practices to create an optimized experience for your users.


The Nabu open SDK enables your app to communicate with the Razer Nabu environment and access Nabu user information.

Test & Validate

Now that you are ready with your app, click here to enter the Test & Validate section to begin the uploading phase.

Join us and fellow developers on Razer Insider, our community discussion channel to engage in discussions about the Razer Nabu, share tips and tricks, as well as get in on the best practices for developers.

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Step-by-step process to getting an app made for Nabu

Read the Design section to learn everything about creating an app for Nabu.
Read the Design Guidelines
Download the Nabu open SDK and other essential development tools.
Download the SDK and other tools
Create/log-in for a Razer Developer ID – this is so we know you’re interested in working with our SDK. Approval for this is instantaneous.
Create an account
Register your app to receive a Client ID – this is to give your app a unique ID and allow it to communicate directly with our servers.
Approval for this takes a little time as we have to vet each, so kindly be patient.
Upload your App to Razer servers.
Upload now

Join the Razer Nabu Developer Program

Note: The Nabu Developer Program is only open to developers with prior app making experience.

The Nabu SDK is completely free and open to developers via the Developer Portal.  However it will only work in conjunction with an actual Nabu device, because of its activity logging capabilities.  Sign up to the Nabu Developer Program to be qualified as a Nabu developer.  Once qualified, you can purchase a Nabu Developer Edition unit at $49.99USD*.

Due to limited production quantities, not everyone will receive their Nabu Developer Editions immediately.  We are shipping them out in batches, and aim to ensure all interested developers get their units as soon as possible.

*Only to RazerStore shipping locations

Nabu Developer Program