For Game Developers. By Gamers.

What is this all about?

Razer offers a variety of software SDKs ranging from:

  • OSVR
  • Chroma
  • ForgeTV
  • and more to come.
  • Surround
  • Arena
  • Comms

Any developers that are interested gets extra-loving from us, as we like to work with passionate gaming enthusiasts that enjoy good technology and want to make an impact.

I want to make use of Razer SDKs! But what’s in it for me?

Slow down there. Jumping straight into it eh? Ok, we do love to support game developers that believe in the same things that we do. You know, making gaming better and changing the world. You know the drill. So here is what we can do for you:


1 (One) free – Wow, this is like Christmas and Hanukah on the same day..oh wait – set of Razer Peripherals (Mouse, Headset, Keyboard, Mousemat)

One free OSVR HDK kit worth $299 to enable development for OSVR.

25% off the Forge TV bundle and/or Serval.

Any additional Razer Blade or Razer Blade Pro purchases at 5% off MSRP.

Any additional Razer Peripherals at 15% off MSRP.

Razer Marketing Channels (Social Media, Email, Website, In-Client)

That’s awesome, but how do I know if I quality for this program?

There are just a few things, we need to check before we can get you started. If you can honestly answer yes to all the below, you should get in touch with us:

  • I am a game developer with previous launched game titles or a successfully funded Kickstarter (Minimum of 50k USD)
  • I am not affiliated with a major publisher at this point in time.
  • I develop (at least partially) for the Windows platform. Rise PC Master Race! -at least for the time being-
  • I am interested and willing to commit –even though I always had commitment issues- to integrate [Insert Razer Software (Comms/Surround) here], as I find it an amazing piece of technology and I believe it would make a great addition to the game / application I’m currently developing. In fact i’m going to start integrating in the next 90 days.
  • I’m happy to allow Razer the use of my game artwork & logo for marketing specific to the Razer Indie Dev Program and i want to tell the whole world about it in a joint press release.

Checked the above? Congratulations: You’re eligible for our Indie Developer program. But in case you’re not sure, here are the full Terms & Conditions, because we know you love legal language.

That’s all nice, but how do I get started?

Just fill out this short/handy form that we prepared for you.

Sign up now

Boo, I’m not eligible, but I have this idea that is going to revolutionize gaming/the internet/the world/fast food.

We certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on the inspiration for our next April’s Fool, so bring it on. Let us hear what you have in mind at

Every day I check my mailbox, but there is a disappointing lack of Razer reply. How much longer will you torture me?

We apologize in advance. We do read every single application that comes in, but sometimes we fall behind in the amount of applications that come through. At other times you might have forgotten to fill out essential information – usually entering the correct email address helps – or just straight up didn’t check the checklist above and don’t fit the criteria. If you feel like your application is not taken seriously, please let us know under