Is developing for Forge different than developing for another Android TV device?

The ADB setup will be different for each type of Android TV device but after that it’s exactly the same.

Is developing applications for Forge the same as developing for an Android tablet or phone?

Yes. You can reuse all the tools and techniques you’ve developed for Android tablet and phone development. The source will be a little different based on the inputs, screen size and the screen relationship to the user.

The cable I currently use to debug my phone/tablet won’t fit into either my PC or Forge?

You need a USB A-to-A cable. Purchase a USB 2.0 unit online ( or at boutique computer shops.


When I plug my Forge into my PC nothing happens.

You need to change the USB port from host mode to device mode. This application in the Google Play store will enable this functionality.


When I plug my Forge into my PC, I don’t have any drivers installed.

You must manually install the Google drivers for the device in the device manager.


I’ve got the driver installed correctly but when I run “adb devices” I don’t see any devices.

You must enable the Forge VID/PID in adb.