arena_logoA simple to integrate, competitive gaming platform for your game, Razer Arena allows players to run private and public competitions for every skill level, giving everyone from amateurs to pros, the opportunity to be a part of tournaments that used to be limited to professional gamers.

Engineered to deliver an all-encompassing and seamless experience, Razer Arena features chat lobbies, tournaments, as well as matches, match reminder notifications, plus automatic match creation and reporting.

Razer Arena features

  • Automatic Match Creation and Reporting (Requires game integration)
  • Run Your Own Competitions – Coming in Q1 2015
  • Game Lobbies and Voice Chat
  • Match Reminder Notifications
  • Cheater-Free Competitive Play
  • Different Tournament Formats – Coming in Q1 2015

Razer Arena Game Integration Options

Integrating Razer Arena into your game requires just three main functionalities:

  1. Match Creation
  2. Match Reporting
  3. Account Syncing

This can be done in one of two easy ways:

Option 1:
Integrate Razer Arena APIs into your game.

Download the current Razer Arena API documentation, and contact the Razer developer team to begin integrating the Razer Arena API. An SDK that is currently in the works, will further facilitate any integration work that you might need. Contact the team for assistance.

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Option 2:
Provide your game APIs.

If you have existing APIs for the three required functionalities, get in contact with the Razer developer team and integration of your game will begin as soon as possible. As this custom integration requires specific engineering resources, the entire process requires ample time before it is completed.

Contact the Team

Additional Razer Arena Integration Benefits

Over and above an amazing competitive gaming platform, you will also have access to the following:

  • Any required amount of Tournament Organizer Accounts for your game
  • Prize Money or Product Sponsorship
  • Joint Announcement of Integration of your game and Razer Arena