Everything you need to start developing apps for Nabu; Check out the design guidelines, API documentation, and the open SDK here, then join in the discussion with other developers. Get all you need here to make Nabu the best wearable in the world.


Unlock the true potential of Chroma as you take control of the complete lighting system. Create amazing dynamic lighting effects that can even react to in-game actions in real time. Find out more on how to integrate your games and applications here.


Define a social gaming experience for your fans by offering them state of the art communication through sound and instant messaging with the Razer Comms SDK. Flexible to fit your requirements and scalable to connect all your gamers.


Find everything you need to start developing next-level Android applications for the Razer Forge TV. Check out the latest ADP documentation, drivers and troubleshooting tips to build apps for the big screen and bring your content to life.


Bring amazing virtual surround sound to all your fans with stereo headphones by using the super simple and quick-to-integrate Razer Surround SDK. Find out how to provide a truly immersive audio experience for all, and more in the Surround SDK Portal.


Develop applications for the award-winning Switchblade User Interface that is seamlessly integrated into the Razer Blade Pro and Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Keyboard. Check out the latest version of the SDK and API documentation here.


Give your game a greater competitive edge with Razer Arena, the competitive gaming platform for gamers of all skills to create and compete in their own tournaments. Access everything about this easy-to-integrate software right here.


Are you an independent Windows game developer with a successful prior title or interested in integrating Razer Surround or Razer Comms SDK? Sign up for our Indie Dev Program here to qualify for additional benefits like Razer Blade support and more.